EMT Engineering & Logistics services

EMT is a leading Engineering and Logistics Company established in 1996 in Egypt. Since EMT offers a wide range of services from preventative maintenance to full calibration .EMT also manages our fully owned 5000 sqm bonded container yard equipped with our reach stackers and top lifters for container storage and ISO tank cleaning equipment's and a workshop for all kinds of container maintenance and repair.

We provide high quality Depot Services for dry and reefer containers, ISO Tanks and Bulk Liquid Transport vehicles, while maintaining International standards for safety, health and environment. Understanding our customers’ needs and nature of their products has always been our main concern to be able to offer them the best quality service, and this has always been the prevailing culture among our self motivated staff and top management.

We also offers a diverse range of inland trucking services for containerized reefer, dry cargoes and heavy & oversize cargoes; using our own fleet of Mercedes Actros trucks, supervised by a team of professional trucking supervisors and engineers till safe arrival to any final destination within Egypt.

In addition to our container storage and maintenance facilities, EMT also provides its customers with our clip on gen sets for power supply of reefer containers during transport of perishable cargoes from pack house or cold stores to ports till safely shipped on board the vessel of any shipping lines serving in Egyptian ports.

EMT is one of the very few companies in Egypt with ISO tank cleaning facilities offering High Pressure and High Temperature Steam Jet cleaning services; cold or hot water (with or without detergents). We use specialized chemicals for cleaning of interior surface of the ISO Tank according to the nature of the product.

EMT services are not only limited to cleaning, but also for Pneumatic tests to pressures up to 1 bar (14 psi). Our technicians and engineers have many years of experience in the maintenance and repair of ISO containers, with a wide range of specific spare parts, specialize materials and components in stock for any emergency.Read More